Due to many different circumstances, we are unable to provide our mulch to the general public for free as of March 1, 2023. For years, we have been able to provide mulch to several different individuals and business for the landscaping of their homes and businesses. Our hope is to keep the price of the mulch as cost-effective as we can. Should you need any mulch, please make sure to call our office phone number(s) listed below to inquire for additional details. Date & time may be subject to change for pick-up of mulch. Pricing of mulch is based on size of the load or truck bed. Any and all mulch that is picked up is considered a final sale and cannot be returned. Delivery of mulch is also offered for $150 per trip to anyone within a 2-mile radius of our address listed under Our Location. Deliveries may only be made of 6 cu. yards of mulch ONLY. Once a drop-off point has been set and mulch has been delivered, our drivers are not allowed to accept any returns of mulch. Our office staff is equipped and ready to take your call when you are ready. 

Please call: 714-994-9663 | 714-994-1486