Need some landscape ideas for your home? 

Does your current lawn need an upgrade? 

One of the ways that you can upgrade your outdoor landscape is installing artificial turf, also known as synthetic grass. There are many benefits in making the change from regular sod/grass to artificial turf.  Artificial turf is considered very low-maintenance, almost no maintenance at all really, and looks green all year round without all that pesky maintenance. You will no longer have to worry about mowing the lawn, weeding, watering, or buying fertilizer after installing the artificial turf. On top of this, artificial turf is also very durable for all that foot traffic in addition to any extreme weather that your landscape may endure. As well as that, it is an excellent idea for those who want a green lawn but still have a drought tolerant landscape in their front or back yard. It is also a great idea for those who have pets. Since artificial turf is made of synthetic materials, all you need to do to keep odors at a minimum after clean up is to give the turf a quick rinse every once in a while. 

There are many different variations of artificial turf to meet different needs and looks as well. You get the look of a green and luscious lawn without all the extra maintenance and cost. If you would like to take a look at some examples, we have attached some pictures below of some of the artificial turf we have installed for our customers/clients.

Hardscape Ideas for your yard

Hardscape is any man-made solid addition to your landscape to make a contrast your plants or environmental structure. This includes step stones, concrete paths, stamped concrete, and more. This addition, of the hardscape of your choice, to your front or back yard can have many benefits.


Stepping Stones or Paths

Stepping stones and paths can help guide traffic to certain area(s). It can also minimize the area of any living ground cover or grass and restrict weed growth, making your landscape lower maintenance. These are great for a simple addition to your outdoor aesthetic.

Patio & Decks

Patios can help make a defined living area in your outdoor yard. In addition to this, patios can offer an extra living area and for gatherings outdoors. For some, it can also mean decreasing yard maintenance if a patio is built where vegetation was once growing. You can also add furniture to your liking or even a barbeque area for summer family gatherings.

Wood Chips & River Rocks

Wood Chips can be used to add some color and contrast in a natural way along with restricting weed growth. River rocks can also add some contrast as decoration along a path to further define the pathway. Both are great options for adding natural elements in your front or back yard.

Concrete & Brick

Concrete and brick slabs can be made in order to add some small details to your outdoor areas. Concrete can be stamped and be used to make pathways, stepping stones, and as driveways. Concrete can also be added without a stamp/design and can be used

Sitting / Retaining Wall

Retaining walls, also known as sitting walls, are also a great option for changing up your outdoor landscape design. Retaining walls are excellent to define border of your back or front yard and also double as extra seating outdoors. Retaining walls also prevent any spillover of dirt from planters or erosion in times of rain. This is a flexible option for many different types of outdoor landscape designs or aesthetic of your choice.

Block Wall

Block walls are tall and solid boundaries that are made from bricks or blocks to set boundaries to an area or property and increase privacy. These are also most favorable for those who seek protection in their outdoor areas, especially for pets.

Looking to clear some space outdoors?

There are many different ways to clear up some space in your front and backyard. However, if you have any trees, there is one very efficient way to clear up and have more space in your landscape. Tree Removal. Whether it is removing the stump or just removing the tree to ground level. This option is very important to consider with older trees that show early signs of falling or dying as it can be very dangerous. Dead or weak trees can endanger your home’s roof, powerlines nearby, cars, your family, and neighbors.  There are many different benefits that vary case by case. 

One benefit of removing a tree is improving the look and view of your home. Many times, there are trees that are overgrown that take up a lot of space and may even intrude into other areas via the tree’s root system. Removing the tree could clear up space to add a pool, patio, outdoor dining area or even to just clear the view. Another benefit of removing a tree comes when the tree is intruding and impacting your home’s foundation, sidewalk, or driveway. Certain trees have very invasive tree roots causing the tree to cause damage to property when planted in close vicinity to any property or sidewalks. 

However, sometimes all you need is a reset in your yard and a blank landscape is what some are looking for in order to modernize their landscape design. Regardless, if you are looking to remove your tree(s) look into the 2 options you have. You can either have a tree cut to be level with the ground or you can remove the tree by grinding the stump and, if possible, in your case/situation you may be able to have the root system removed. Please make sure to consult with a professional about what is possible for your tree and situation. 


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